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Structure Engineering

We take structure engineering very serious and carefully. Twenty years in construction industry has given us experiences and good relationship with suppliers, consultants, equipment owners, and other stakeholders, which makes us confident to guarantee the quality and delivery of the project.

We have our facility to fabricate steel structure in order to deliver quality products for our customers.

Our teams have the experiences and the “know how” to implement the project expertly. 

We actively communicate and consult to stakeholders to ensure we have covered every factor of building construction.


  • Mechanical System
    Elements of machineries, tools, components, fire response system, heating and ventilation, lift, elevator, etc. that are installed in a facility to support the operation and comfortable environment of the facility.
  • Electrical System
    A network of conductors and equipment that carries, distributes and converts electrical power from a or various power source to the various equipment throughout the facility.
  • Plumbing and Drainage System
    Plumbing is a system of pipeline and pumps to distribute clean hot/cool water from ground water tank to every water outlet evenly in a facility. Drainage is a system of pipeline and filters to get rid of waste water to septic tank in a facilities. At PTK, we design and implement MEP carefully, efficiently and expertly to ensure the safety and comfort of everybody in the facility.



Power is the main factor to run a facility accordingly. Facility's owner would choose solution that suits their needs. PTK offers power solution products and services that fit their requirements and teams that have experiences in installing power solution for varieties of industry.

We have partnered with major suppliers to ensure the power solution that we deliver would satisfy to our customers. Whether, it is main, green, back up energy or redundancy, we have excellent products and services to offer to our customers.


A function of integrated facility management. It is coordinating room, infrastructure, people and organization. It starts with the analysis of a facility with an output:

Planning of facility management

  • Preventive maintenance
  • Security of the facility
  • General Affair

Monitoring the operation of the facility

Optimizing the system of the facility

We ensure the facility is running smoothly